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We are professional motor mechanics with old fashioned service
When you bring your car in to Diesel Tune & Turbo Chargers Ltd, you're visiting highly experienced motor mechanics with over 20 years experience. Our Auckland-based team provides quality repairs and servicing to ensure that your car is in the best possible shape. We understand that you need your car to be reliable and efficient, so we provide short turn-around times. Get back on the road sooner with Diesel Tune & Turbo Chargers Ltd.

Quality Results

When you have your car repaired at Diesel Tune & Turbo Chargers Ltd, you can rest assured that you're receiving a quality engine care. Our motor mechanics provide quality solutions each and every time. To keep your car on the road and running perfectly, give our team in Auckland a call today.

Competitive Pricing

We are dedicated to a competitive pricing strategy that aims to provide excellent value for money. We've found that happy customers are far more likely to come back, and to recommend us to their friends. As such, we offer great prices that are sure to have you smiling.

Latest Technology

Most late-model cars require computer equipment to diagnose any issues they may be having. Diesel Tune & Turbo Chargers Ltd stays on the cutting edge of technology and has a complete selection of diagnostic instruments on hand. Our motor mechanics are experienced with all types of car, both new and older models, and always provide great results.
Diesel Tune & Turbo Chargers
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Diesel Tune & Turbo Chargers Ltd is a one stop service workshop for all your diesel maintenance.
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