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We treat your vehicle with care
Professional cleaning, care and sealing – that is what the product range of Bluechem stands for. These products were developed specifically for the motor vehicle trade and industry. To meet the growing demands and requirements of the national and international markets, Bluechem products are in a process of constant development and improvement to warrant best possible results for the users.
The target is always that of developing products which receive top ratings for their efficiency and at the same time conserve natural resources. For example, recipes are maintained at the latest level of development and new biologically degradable substances are tested and advanced to market level. This not only meets the growing expectations of the consumers, it is also a contribution to reducing the contamination of the environment.

Nano Technology

After nano technology made deep inroads in industry, it now provides virtually limitless applications and benefits in the automotive industry. Improved vision during rain or snow, easy-to-clean effect, reduced soiling levels, resistance to antifreeze and washer fluid, and reduced insect adhesion, etc.

All seals have been applied to thousands of surfaces and have demonstrated their excellence under all kinds of environmental conditions. Each sealing set contains a nano cleaner and a nano sealer for specified surface, plus the required cleaning sponges and polishing cloths and detailed instructions of use for the proper treatment of surfaces.

A cut above

At Diesel Tune & Turbo Chargers Ltd we are an authorized distributor of Bluechem, a new line of products coming from Germany. Bluechem are automotive system care products that actually do what they claim they can do. Bluechem stands above those products that promise results, but do not achieve what they claim. Expert motor mechanics not only carry out rigorous testing of our chemical products but are also continuously developing and improving application devices designed primarily for vehicle workshops. In addition, most Bluechem products are certified by the TUV, Germany’s most stringent technical supervisory institution. Bluechem products are not only an essential accessory for the automotive industry, they are also equally important for the bike, leisure, technical and industrial sectors.

Tried and Tested

The Bluechem range has been tried and tested and continually improved over many years to guarantee its effectiveness. The use of the products eliminates operational contamination and residues throughout the lubrication, fuel and coolant systems. Combustion, performance, economy and emissions are all significantly improved when using Bluechem products. Contact our team in Auckland today for more info.
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